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Thursday, November 15, 2012

At the most recent assemblage for Tea Addicts Anonymous--population of three: Amy, Lexi, myself-- we came to realize that we now have more kinds of tea than there are days of the week, and discussed the need to identify each tea's specific properties and purposes so as to avoid some tea-related bender resulting in sleepless nights that would adjure more tea fueled days of delirium. The cycle is indeed vicious. I wanted to pass along our verdicts to you.. not so that you can combat a ridiculous addiction which does not truly exist, but more to aid you in picking out a tea that most accurately meets your requirements for tea, should you have any.

There are three main categories of tea: Black, Green, and Herbal.
Below I have described each tea and noted whether or not it is caffeinated.

The Black Teas:
[Organic Chai] - If ever there were a tea created exclusively for fall, it would be this one. Chai is spiced with cinnamon, ginger, star anise and cardamom. (caffeinated)
[Earl Grey] - If you typically gravitate towards coffee, this is the tea for you. Mr. Grey, who is infused with Italian bergamot and lavender, is solely responsible for shaking me awake every morning. Add milk for a Euphoric experience. (caffeinated)

The Green Teas:
[Zen] - The traditional earthy properties of green tea converge with citrus-y notes of lemon verbena, lemongrass and spearmint to create, well, Zen. (caffeinated)
[Organic Green] - Green tea, as a species, is probably the best for you. It speeds metabolism and helps block the absorption of fat into the body, plus it delivers that sometimes necessary caffeine kick. Need I say more? (caffeinated)
[Lotus] - Light, clean, and flavorful, with the subtle essence of lotus blossoms. Bonus! It won't leave you lying awake wondering why you drank tea before bed again. (decaffeinated)

The Herbal Teas:
[Vanilla Rooibos] - This is my version of sleepy-time tea. A rich blend of rooibos, Tahitian vanilla, cinnamon, peaches and apples, this one sends me off to bed feeling like I just had dessert. And because all tea is calorie free, you can sip late-night without the guilt. (caffeine free)
[Refresh] - Although void of caffeine, this tea has that "wow I feel like a new person" effect which can only come from the senses being junk punched by an obscene amount of mint. In this case tarragon, peppermint and spearmint are to blame. I recommend this post-workout. (caffeine free)
[Passion] - If you've ever ordered the passion tea at Starbucks then you don't need me to explain this gloriousness to you. Hibiscus + lemongrass + rose hips + mango + passionfruit = YES. Just yes. In the summer try it over ice with a splash of lemonade and thank me later. (caffeine free)

*Note: All of these teas are Tazo which can be found at most grocery stores and any Starbucks. 

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