spice spotlight: turmeric

Monday, November 26, 2012

In leu of this post I've been trying to figure out the word for when a thing can be used for something else other than its intended purpose, to no avail. Not being able to place this word has me crippled with futility and unsure of how to begin to convince you of this vile powder's redeeming qualities without sounding like a lunatic, so here goes. The seasoning turmeric, which can be found in the spice isle of any grocery store, also serves as a great anti-inflammatory when added in conservative amounts to water (if you can stomach this), and can lend a healthy glow to your complexion if you tap a little bit into your foundation or moisturizer... (a little goes a long way here, people. If you use too much you will come to a crossroads where you must face yourself as that person who took advice from some crazy girl's blog and now here you are with an Indian spice smeared all over your face). So, yeah. Just go get some turmeric and get all glowy and happy and stuff. 

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