style inspiration: Janis Joplin

Monday, February 4, 2013

Okay so I'm super stoked about this post and here's why: Obviously Janis Joplin was the epitome of 1960s fashion/self expression/psychedelic acid-rock etc. Per contra, if you were to walk the streets nowadays sporting one of her ensembles you might run the risk of getting locked up and hair tested, so I wanted to find some 21st century interpretations of Joplin's beautifully eclectic look. Upon beginning the tedious process of pooling pictures from different sources, I had a HUGE lightbulb moment and remembered seeing a fantastic spread by Craig McDean and Raquel Zimmerman called "Joplin Lives" in a little British magazine like, my freshman year of high school. The internet did the rest for me and here we are. Bye, bye baby (ha ha).

"Janis Lives!" Fashion Rocks. September 2007:

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  1. WOW! I really love the colors and crazy style.! It's so not mainstream, and yet it can totally be worn on the street. In LA, people would stop you and ask where you buy your clothes. Love each one.