into the dunes

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

There is nothing more valuable than a moment.
That period of time when you're really just in it.
Your senses are heightened. You are one with your surroundings.
You are acutely aware of the fact that after almost no time at all, the universe will propel you forward and you will be left with only transient memories as surreal as dreams.
I experienced exactly this when I journeyed through Morocco and into the Sahara Desert last month.
Being encompassed by seas of sand and beautiful people who I'd never known, but had been sharing the same sky with all my life...
Words cannot describe.
this isn't about the words. 
No, the preservation of such momentary ecstasy relies on photographs; feels; virtual consumption...And I'm quenching my thirst again and again. 
I am intoxicated by these moments.

Drink up.


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  1. how have I not seen this post yet? it's incredible!! i am so jealous of all of your photos. great job boo xx