Sunday, October 6, 2013

I finally made some time to get back down the rabbit hole.
What a truly beautiful thing, to swim around in your own head for a bit...
And emerge
drenched in wonderment and gratitude. Fresh understanding. A refocused perspective.
Finding Wonderland requires a healthy combination of insanity and childlike curiosity.
To acknowledge just how minuscule you are to the universe,
And yet appreciate that you play the single most integral role in your own journey.
Honestly liberate yourself from everything you thought that you knew about life and about people. 
Let it all go
Those things are not real, because nothing is. 
False truths have become familiar to us, and so we cling to them.
Free your mind and find yourself.
And remember that love is everywhere.
People... nature... ideas are all full of it. 
Soak it up.
Go nuts.
Do you boo


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