one stone

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I've only just realized how little I have actually been blogging about my travels.
I have been in this beautiful country for three months now, 
and although the places I go and the things that I see are ongoing sources of inspiration in my writing,
I have sort of let my adventures themselves fall by the wayside. 
So I want to use this post to kill several birds with one stone.
Little ketchup action, if you will.
I think this will be nice, too, because I don't have the space to rant about each event as I tend to do.
Sticking to a picture/caption format, and you are free to use your imagination.
The untold stories are always better.


Balloons released in Vatican City after the Pope finished his sunday prayer. He is standing there in the only open window. Amazing. Side note: I sneezed SO loud during this prayer, and I think everyone at Vatican City turned and stared. I guess the acoustics are really good in there. It was mortifying.

  Some Dr. Seuss-esque trees in Tabernas, the only desert in Europe.

 Clear waters in Playa de Genoveses, Almeria.

Hiking to Monsul, Almeria. This was such a cool experience because we had to trek through the desert in order to emerge here. It was like night and day. Also, Indiana Jones "The Last Crusade" was filmed here. Breathtaking.

A street in the charming beach town of San Jose. We stood out as non-locals, and as a result all of the locals wanted to buy us drinks and hear our stories. I will never forget the weekend I spent here.

 The beachfront in San Jose.

 Hiking through Monachil to see the waterfalls with my love.

 A chilly day in Nerja on the Costa del Sol. I got sprayed by a huge wave just before this photo was taken.

My friend and I making flower crowns on the roof before Fiesta de la Primavera, a huge festival in Spain to welcome Spring.

This man and his funny instrument made my day. The music was beautiful. The streets of Granada are always peppered with uniquely talented individuals.

Drawbridge in Monachil.

 Watching the sunset with my boy at one of my favorite lookout points in the Albaicin.

 Probably my favorite store in Granada.

The Trevi Fountain on my last night in Rome. Truly one of the most remarkable things I've seen (Cue Lizzie McGuire Movie soundtrack).

Beautiful friends at Playa de la Herradura.

 The Roman Colosseum.

An adorable shop in Italy.


  1. Yes! More photos. I can't get enough. I bet you are a blast to travel with. Miss you babes xox

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