sunday, bloody sunday

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Today is one of those hazy sundays where I am painfully aware 
that while summer precedes outside my window, in nature.. it vanishes rapidly before my eyes within the confines of my naked walls
Only to be replaced by work and school and the imminent progression toward a mysterious future which I know nothing of. 
It is bittersweet.
This conglomerate of emotions does not make for a hell of a lot of productivity.
And in fact I'm going to wrap up this rant because I am almost certain that, though I live alone now, my roommate for life is on her way over to pull me out of my bed and force me into pants and brushed hair.
I will not protest, 
because I'll admit that I am just as eager to face the world on this final day of summer as I am to marinate in these sheets and run through my Shins playlist six times. 

With you I leave these photos that are synonymous with summer to me.
Reflect or extract or ignore or daydream,
Whichever you so desire
And have the most beautiful life.

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