blazing summer, cold coffee

Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm melting. 
It's hot.
I've spent most of my days in a dreamy haze as of late; 
drunk with fervor; sketching or reading old books until tugged gently into unconsciousness. 
The miserable heat inspires me for reasons unknown.
Perhaps the muddled sensation of slight disconnect from the body, brought on by hot spells of languor is enough to propel one's crude essence into the stuff of creation.
Maybe it's just the Vitamin D.
Whatever the case may be, you can be damned sure that I'm not doing anything of significance without music, which is the basis of this mostly-off-topic post.
This playlist handily encompasses my recent state of whim, while delivering a hard dose of creative inspiration to boot. 
Enjoy, and stay cool (but not too cool).

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  1. hey bby girl. come down to sd and get outta the heat! love and miss u