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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Oh how the time flies.
Its scary, really.
These last four months have changed me.. changed my life.
I will miss passing 13th century architecture on my way to class,
communicating almost entirely in Spanish,
living just beneath the Sierra Nevada mountains,
free tapas everywhere,
city streets lush with artists, vendors, and performers,
drinking a beer at 10am,
drifting off to sleep as the sun rises,
and everything else which has made this experience so unique and unforgettable;
I will miss Granada.
Most of all, though, I will miss these incredible people from all over the map with whom I've formed such close relationships.
But my homeland calls to me, and I'll admit I'm quite ready to head back to the good ol' U.S.A.
I feel a new sense of direction... A rejuvenation from the distance. My heart has grown fonder. 
Thinking maybe I'll stick around for a little bit.
These photos were taken in Cadiz last weekend by my friend Allannah, who is a remarkable photographer and a beautiful spirit.

Until next time, Spain.

geometric kimono (blue): H&M
black high-waisted swimmers: H&M
black cropped racerback: H&M
white bathing suit top: Zara
black sunnies: Forever 21

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