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Friday, February 19, 2016

Everybody needs one:
A place to where they can retreat... 
Feel creative; peaceful; still, in a world that is anything but.
The goal is to develop one's own mind to become this sort of sanctuary.
But nevertheless, its does not hurt to have a physical place that can act as a catalyst for creative cognition and ideation-- or, even, for the most epic nap of all time.
If you are so fortunate to have a place to call home (100 million people in the world do not) it is nice/crucial to have an area that is all your own where you can go to find peace... Your fortress of solitude, so to speak.
Mine is my bedroom, though one day I hope to have a separate room to dedicate to my practices of art, meditation, reading, being, etc.
Wherever you designate your space to be, it is important to keep it 
comfortableclean and full of inspirational energy.
Every person's sanctuary will inevitably be different, but if you try and craft yours with those three characteristics in mind, you will wind up with a place that you find peaceful, creative, and unique.

My personal style is earthy and minimalistic.
I like light neutral colors, desert tones, and rustic-looking handmade or secondhand knick knacks.
I also have a million candles which I keep lit almost constantly... Candles are essential to my sanctuary's positive energy flow.
All of my candles are, for the most part, either made by me (I will post a how-to on that later), or purchased from Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters.
Favorites include Volcano by Capri Blue and Tobacco & Patchouli by Paddywax Apothecary. 
In addition to my candles, trinkets, and neutrally hued space, I also love keeping fresh flowers on my surfaces, bright string lights around my windows, and books-- everywhere. 
The fusion of all of these elements gives my room a magical feeling which inspires me to relax, learn and create.

Below, I've pictured and explained the details of my decor to hopefully provide you with some inspo / a jumping-off point when you go to build or update your own sanctuary. 
Remember, your space should be a unique reflection of who you are.
What inspires you? What makes you feel safe, peaceful, and expressive? What reminds you of your hometown, family or childhood?
These are the kinds of questions you should ask yourself as you create your sanctuary.

My dresser, covered in candles and vintage gems.

A handmade ceramic leaf tray gifted to me by my Aunt. I use it as a surface for my healing crystals, clary sage, and various scents I find soothing. To the right, my favorite Paddywax candle, flowers in a beer bottle, and a lantern.

My geometric terrarium, Mother's gold candle holder, and some various vessels for candle votives. s/o to alliteration. The one in the middle is a Himalayan salt rock, which purifies the surrounding air and charges your space with ions for a calming effect. I got the little bronze one at an Indian supermarket; it was designed to heat incense for offerings. The mirrored pyramid was a snag from the greatest store ever-- Urban Outfitters. 

My windows, surrounded by bright string lights. Between them, the skull of some poor desert animal. Kidding-- it's fake. I also like to adorn my walls with homemade dreamcatchers, so I always sleep like a bebe.

The little bookcases that frame my bed on each side. In them I have countless genres of literature-- old and new-- as well as journals, sketchbooks, and my boyfriend's Gameboy Light which I've been using to play Pokemon, since I'm an adult. 

My sheared Alpaca teddy bear from Peru, pictured with some of my favorite reads right now. The Wes Anderson Collection features a timeline of the filmography of my personal favorite director ever, as well as interviews with the man himself. In the middle is a magazine I recently acquired called Brownbook: An Urban Guide to the Middle East. This is Issue 54 entitled "Plants," as well as an insert from the Cairo Observer that came with it. To the right, The Alchemist and Five Acres and Independence: A Practical Guide to the Selection and Management of the Small Farm (I found it at a thrift store and was intrigued).

A parchment poster that I got from a random vintage store in Wyoming and absolutely adore. Below it sits my record player, currently featuring Acid Rap by Chance the Rapper.

My desk, topped with some various art supplies and, of course, more flowers and candles. Above my desk hangs a scratch off map of the World (gifted to me by a dear friend) that I haven't scratched anything off of yet because I think it looks too cool in gold and black. 

I would love to hear what types of things you would choose for your own sanctuary, as well as any inquiries or suggestions in the comments below!
Happy weekend :)

xx, Bailey

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