breaking the hiatus

Monday, June 10, 2013

I've been on my own little random planet in the Hiatus Galaxy for a couple of months now. 
No blogging; no relationships; no job at the moment (which is actually killing me softly because I haven't been unemployed since I hit puberty) 
I am sleeping at the strangest times and my family/roommates are growing concerned, which I find highly amusing. The majority of my milestone personal growth takes place when nobody has any idea whats going on inside my head, including me. 
A lot has happened to me, good and bad, over this past year and its all just culminated. 
The product is a renovated version of myself. Its magical, really. 
Like working out hard for a week, resting for a couple of days to let your muscles rebuild, and then feeling the results. Same thing. Everything is everything else. 
I'll admit that blogging has matched me with some of the recurring feelings of futility that I might just be on here talking to myself, which doesn't bother me so much as it provides me with an excuse not to post; I talk to myself all day long anyway..
Buuuut I checked my account overview and although I haven't posted anything in over two months, I'm still averaging like twenty-something page views a people really are stellar and I don't understand you at all. 
I'm in Columbia right now for a summer class, and although I love to pretend I'm super busy, the reality is that I have beaucoup time to waste doing whatever. 
So I'm back on the web with my weird thoughts! Uh oh.
Spread positivity; live freely; You are b-e-a-U-tiful

xx Bailey

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