yellowstone / grand tetons photo diary

Monday, July 29, 2013

I'm fairly convinced that there are places in this world, nay, in this country.. Where wonder falls like rain and pools in little cracks in the earth, just waiting to be collected and tasted by unsuspecting travelers.
Wonder is everywhere, evidently, because life itself is wonderful and puzzling.
But some places are just bursting at the seams with beauty... They are the children who got mostly the good genes; 
People flock to these places... They set up lives here... They drop their cell phones in the river "accidentally" and don't ever look back. 
It's charming, really.
I just returned from Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, an area which I'd have to imagine to be one of Lady Liberty's best looking children.
My family loves cell phones and Instagram and bickering during long car rides, but we managed to keep the hostility and handheld social media to a minimum and just soak up the good stuff.
This is a trip that I think everyone should take if given the opportunity.  
I'd like to sign off by saying that I'm truly fortunate to have these beautiful people in my life who love travel and adventure as much as I do.


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