Tuesday, August 6, 2013

For whatever reason, Tuesday is just one of those mornings.
It doesn't bear quite the obligation of Monday,
But its not flirting with the weekend to the gallant degree of Wednesday and Thursday..
Its just sort of... Tuesday.
I usually hit the sleep button on my alarm anywhere from 3 to 37 times on this morning. 
Not, you know, because I like sleeping until noon or anything... Err, its more because Tuesday just isn't ripe with the kind of inspiration that makes me want to leap out of bed.
Point being: 
I'm sitting in my bed right now listening to John Legend and looking at some of the most captivating photos that the world wide web has to offer.
Point really being: 
I need a lil something extra to get me going mentally this morning. 
If you find that you have a similar Tuesday plight, hopefully these pretty pictures will provide you with the necessary dose of inspiration that they did me. 
Have a beautiful week!

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