into the thicket

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Every now and again I come across a work which reiterates to me, with delicate tact, the essence of life.
I think it's really just about finding those little things that light you up, and those tantalizing people who make you want to be still for a while;
Those are the things which make you feel alive beyond the physical definition.
When I saw this video, I caught a wave of fresh awareness of just how important a concept that is.
It's called Into the Thicket.
And now that I've hyped it up to be this prophetic short film that's probably about some fervid individual who discovers their calling and achieves self-actualization,
I'll go ahead and tell you, No. It's not.
It's actually a couple of dudes skating around in the woods.
But they loveeee that shit. 
So much so that they wandered out into the thicket of Vancouver Island and constructed this skate ramp, using materials primarily from the surrounding environment, just to play around on.
And even if skateboarding isn't really your thing, the production of this video is pretty stellar in itself.
Sooo, yeah.
Eventually I will train myself to stop dragging these things out so much.


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