"Triangles are my favorite shape"

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm with Ellie / alt-J on that one.
A simple shape it is, the triangle...
So very straightforward
yet somehow rich with symbolism. 
Applicable to any story or situation upon which one can attach a beginning, middle and end,
or an equidistant series of climaxes that reveal themselves inexhaustibly. 
Consistent with the manner that Life likes to operate in...
one end may mark a new beginning,
one event's beginning may coincide with another's middle,
but the only sound prediction is unpredictability.
Or maybe I'm just speculating. 
I do that.
In my mind it was last week that I moved into this house, 
and this exact moment-- sitting on the floor, picnic style, surrounded by packed boxes-- seemed so far off.
I'm about to embark on the greatest adventure of my life:
I will be living and studying in Granada, Spain and traveling Europe for the next four to five months. 
This is something that I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember
but right now I'm finding myself met with more apprehension than excitement.
Ill-advised though it may be for anyone with nomadic tendencies,
I've built homes in these people here.
And despite my usual distaste for sitting still,
I am not yet ready to depart from my beautiful friends,
my town
and a particular individual who I am in so much love with;
even if only for what is but a brief journey amidst the grand scheme.

Change forges growth, though,
and growth is a continuous process.
So instead of moping around or fearing the unknown,
I am going to allow the triangles being made in my life to keep tessellating with one another,
however the Universe sees fit.
Maybe they will manifest a picture that I wouldn't have caught sight of otherwise.

Time to find out...

stay tuned.

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