when we come down

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I have exactly seven million things to do before I move to Europe in a week.
Naturally, I'm in a state where I'm so overwhelmed by what I have to do that I'm doing nothing at all.
Funny how that works.
It's all gravy though, baby.
Ever the procrastinator, I will undoubtedly come through in the clutch with almost everything I need when the time comes.
Maybe forget a hair brush or something.
I've always found well coiffed hair to be overrated anyway.
I just finished spending the week in Atlanta with my Other Half,
and have since moved straight into the checklists and packing and pre-departure anticipation.
Jumping from one high to another and loving [mostly] every minute of it.
And although life can get super.... life-y sometimes,
I firmly believe that it is important-- crucial, even-- to just stop and breathe for a little while. 
Strike a yoga pose or two.
Blare some Rebelution and dance in the shower.
Included are some cherished photos from the last few days that I got to spend with my man.
I've decided that I'm going to try and make Boho more of a full time thing while I'm traveling,
so stay tuned for magnificent images and tons of culture.

Embrace your chaos.
Use it, love it, leave it, meet back up with it for coffee sometime...
All up to you, really. You're in control.
Keep calm and stay lovely.

See you in Spain

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