little boxes

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Days like this one are especially precious to me.
Sometimes I like to leave the world
to slip into my own quiet oblivion where nothing is real but everything is magic,
and all life seems to be tied together with a fine gold thread.
There my eyes are susceptible only to beauty,
and everywhere I look I see fire and stars.
These extra-heady days call for nothing besides inquisitiveness and bewilderment.
Obligation is merely a noun,
and time is but a spectrum.
I sit and let my mind unpack little boxes of thoughts I've never had before,
or maybe revisit old theories that I embarked upon but never curtained.
It's great to remember that I am in the driver's seat in this crazy, 
messed up, 
spectacular journey. 
And whether I'm at a trough or a crest, it's always beautiful.
Being alive is always beautiful.
Which is why I know right now that today is going to be the best day of my life,
until tomorrow, which will be even better.
And so on.... and so forth....

I invite you to take this day and make it yours.
Revel in your solitude, or let your world collide with another.
Each person has one.
Maybe you will learn something new,
or perhaps you will teach someone else.
It doesn't matter
this journey is all-inclusive.
Take full advantage.


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