Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I love everything about this country...
The fluid motion one naturally becomes a part of in a bustling city like Madrid;
How hundreds of ancient buildings and religious edifices can be found cascading over the hills of Toledo;
The way every structure, country-wide, was composed in exquisite detail, 
the synergy of such collaboration playing on the senses like one enormous symphony.
Spain is nothing short of radiant, in every direction.
Phase one of this journey began with an orientation in Madrid spanning several days,
followed by a not-quite-long-enough-pit-stop in Toledo while en route to Granada.
The feel of these two cities was remarkably different, though equally captivating. 
Madrid, with its intoxicating energy that only the capital of Spain could possess;
And Toledo, dripping with rich history and emanating the peace and familiarity of a small town.
I tried to capture these elements on camera the best I could,
hope you enjoy.


Madrid. Taken with Nikon D3000

Toledo. Taken with Nikon D3000

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