Saturday, March 1, 2014

It is apparent to me 
that in this world, most everything that we do and strive for centers around who 
or what we are going to be.
We spend our lives working toward this divine calling;
this destiny that we, or perhaps even someone else have laid out for us
telling us, this... THIS is you. This is what you are good at. This is what you were born for.
And we listen to them, to ourselves. 
We hurdle down these tracks on a one-way train
not realizing that the only limit to our opportunity is our mentality...
And those of us who do not yet know what we are going to be have been made to believe that we are the lost ones. 
But I don't feel lost.
I feel multi-talented.
I feel boundless.
Because, you see, everyone is anything. Anyone is everything.
Picasso was no more an artist than you are,
and Steve Jobs was no more an innovator.
I am an astronaut who has never been to space.
I am a scientist who's yet to make a discovery.
I am a mother with no children.
Only when we put ourselves in these labeled boxes
with the misconception that we "can't" and that we're "not,"
only then are we truly lost.
Passion is good; to be engulfed in flames that don't burn... Do what you are passionate about, always.
But don't do something simply because you think that that is the only thing you are capable of doing;
the only thing you're "good at."
You don't have to limit yourself like that.
Break those chains, baby.
Be a rock star.
Be a stunt-man.
Take every train you can. Maybe you'll catch one you'd like to stay on a while.

Never let them tell you who you are or where you're going.
You are you, 
and where you're going? 
Wherever you want. 
That's TBD on this here itinerary.

Much love.


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