Monday, April 7, 2014

I've spent a lot of time thinking lately.
Presumably, more thoughts would produce more to write about...
And this is usually the case-- when my thoughts are the kind that allow me to kick back in a warm pool of pensive reflection and, after a bit, surface and towel-off with all of my inquisitions resolved.
But I have spent the last month drowning in the kinds of questions and cognitions that one might wail into the universe as death nips at their feet;
The questions that often do not find their corresponding answers.
This process is somewhat regular in my life.
I spend a few weeks being tossed around mentally by everything beautiful or unbearable in the world
until I cannot tell which way is up,
and then eventually I get my balance and find myself back at Go.
And while I may not have resolutions to all of my life questions,
the same few things can always be derived:
I will never again be as young as I am now.
One day I will have obligations... people who need me in specific places at specific times.
One day my soul will long to do things that my body simply cannot do.
One day I will die. I will not know which day.
But today I am free.
Today I am alive as ever.
Today, the entire world is at my feet and society is just a bad dream. 
Today I am drenched in sunlight. It swallows me. I am on fire.
Today is the day.

Don't wait to be happy;
don't wait to apologize;
and absolutely don't wait to love.
We cannot control when the last grain of sand will fall from our hourglass,
but we can make each grain so compelling that the world wavers to send us off. 


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